@pratik Haha, I see what you did there. I traveled from Ahmedabad back to Mumbai. The journey took just 4:30 hours!

@mbkriegh Thanks!

@Giselle Oh, yes. So beautiful.

@pimoore Thank you! It’s also taller than the standard cards so stands out in a stack but not tall enough to not fit in a standard wallet.

@manuelmoreale I disagree. Firstly, not all personal blogs are indexed well by search engines so you will miss some words that have been said. Secondly, if I’m already browsing your blog or open it based on remembering something I read, it’s easier for me to just start searching there itself instead of separately querying on a search engine with the correct site URL parameter and all that. Third, for when a blog does have categories or tags, many blogging platforms offer a good search UI that lets you filter searches by them, making them either more effective or at least easier than searching manually by category URL, which anyway involves you browsing to that point in the site!

@pratik Haha, thanks.

@tectonic Glad to see your personal blog active again!

@manuelmoreale I agree. The only thing I feel compelled to add to that list is Search. It’s increasingly valuable for repeat visitors wanting to get back to something they read, or just to explore by topic or theme which also reasonably makes up for the absence of categories and tags. Heck, I use search on all of my blogs myself!

@pradx It’s a nice analogy for sure but different. I was thinking more in the context of continuously living in said digital places—not hanging out for a few hours—especially when considering that many do!

@pradx thoughts.jatan.space/p/start-a... 😬

@kev Micro.blog, because I look at supporting ActivityPub+Mastodon as yet another standard option over and above RSS and email, and therefore not a thing in itself. This way I can also just microblog in one place and let everything else just work.

@moonmehta Image credit: ISRO

@pratik True that.

@pratik Shared the post with a “tech bro”, who thought it was an Apple post, which led to.. discussions. And so I thought it’s better to clarify here. But in retrospect, I shouldn’t have shared with said person or felt the need to clarify here, a place which is undoubtedly full of nice, unassuming people. Yes, this reply was embarrassing to write. 😅

@moonmehta Note: This isn’t a post about Apple. While I do love MacBooks in particular, this post is about laptops at large.

@SimonWoods Here’s a tip I learnt during the last Photoblogging challenge: it’s okay to submit other people’s pictures, or even your old ones, with due credit of course. As long as the relevance to the prompt is strong, the photo’s date is irrelevant.

@sod This is really great.

@pratik Thanks, this is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.

@kq Yes, true.

@manton @pratik Wonder if building a blogging platform counts as having blogged as many times as the number of users you enable? Counting quality too, of course.

@pratik Ha! Come to think of it, that seems applicable to achieving monumental goals with technology too. Do you accomplish goal X in 20 years with current tech and programmatic capabilities or wait for 30 years to do the same in 5?

@UndamnedOne Not being able to find another way to contact connections made on socials does suck. :/

@mbkriegh Do it! Instagram deserves it! 😁

@moonmehta Checking in after a month to say this was a fantastic decision. I’ve done this in the past before but it still feels just as good. Hopefully this time to infinity.

@odd I know right! The great apes for once not being great at killing. :D

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