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The tranquality of a beverage isn’t just about what’s in it but what holds it too. Thanks to double-walled steel cups, I’m never going back to drinking in ceramics or glass: thoughts.jatan.space/p/cup-of-…

For Day 20 of the micro.blog Photoblogging challenge.

For the Day 19 prompt of the micro.blog Photoblogging challenge: indulgence

At long last I completed migrating all my Moon articles, the entire Moon Monday newsletter archive, and other posts and curated resources to my space blog, all browsable and searchable from one place: blog.jatan.space/moon-proj… πŸŒ—

Let’s explore the Moon. πŸš€

The latest Orbital Index issue has more details on the recent research of successfully growing plants on lunar soil. I’m glad that my point about us lacking high-fidelity planetary soil simulants is being carried forward and discussed further in public.

Absolutely love how my new microblog at web.jatan.space looks and feels with the Paper theme. I made a few personalization changes including:

  • Having an Emoji menu
  • Adding a CTA button style
  • Search on the Archive page
  • Hiding unwanted elements
  • Text formatting and fixes

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I wrote about how Uranus and Neptune are a different class of planets altogether, and how a mission to these least-explored ice giants will help us understand how our own planet evolved! www.planetary.org/articles/…

What persevering through time can do: thoughts.jatan.space/p/my-scie…

If I can become an independent writer in the niche field of space exploration, sitting in India, I genuinely believe anyone else can do anything equivalent too.

Scientists have grown plants in lunar soil brought from Apollo missions! I cover its importance and implications for planning future lunar habitats, and other lunar updates from last week, in my latest Moon Monday: blog.jatan.space/p/moon-mo…

Fun with SLS rocket headlines: blog.jatan.space/p/fun-wit…

My job as a space writer isn’t to be a blind cheerleader for whatever space agencies say about their missions. I also need to assess and inform people if and how things are progressing.

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For Day 15 of the micro.blog Photoblogging challenge: Cloudy with a chance of landing.

After pondering having a microblog again, and only after going blog-only for months, I’m realizing how a microblog is fundamentally different from a traditional blog. And for me, having one via the ethical and capable micro.blog could solve several issues at once:

Still vividly remember my first in-person rocket launchβ€”India’s Chandrayaan 2 mission in 2019. 5,000 people in one place representing the Indian space community’s enthusiasm about exploring space and our Moon for science and a better tomorrow. πŸš€

When to worry about an asteroid hitting Earth? And how to treat sensationalist headlines? blog.jatan.space/p/when-to…

I love Indian tea (minus the excess sugar). Boiling tea grains brings out a certain strong flavor that dip tea or any other form simply doesn’t. Milk adds smoothness. My two boosts of tranquil thinking a day.

ispace Japan is one interesting space company. They’re building Moon landers and rovers, and have NASA and ESA contracts for various tech demonstrations. In this week’s Moon Monday, I cover their European subsidiary’s milestones: blog.jatan.space/p/moon-mo…

Preview, the Mac app people forget about

Totally agree. Preview is a big part of what makes a Mac a Mac for me. No other piece of default software gracefully handles so many basic as well as advanced tasks.

(Also learnt a neat new trick to remove image backgrounds)

I got this framed Moon picture and a painted cosmic cup for being a panelist at a local event on space science writing and journalism. Photo by my friend Pooja, who co-organized the event series. I’m not a collector of materialistic things but I admit I love these.


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