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For the Day 9 prompt of the Micro.blog Photoblogging Challenge: together

Image credit: Unknown :/ (I tried a lot of reverse image searching but to no avail)

Reading is how you make the brain walk. Watching videos is how you make the brain think it’s walking.

For Day 8 of the Micro.blog Photoblogging Challenge.

A Kindle on a stand on a table. The laptop in the background is closed. The Kindle display reads the title and text of the article titled “What Would It Take to Manufacture Perovskite Solar Cells in Space?” The article can be accessed at https://pubs.acs.org/doi/full/10.1021/acsenergylett.2c00276

It was only a year ago that I began accepting sponsorships as the key mechanism to sustain my independent writings on space and Moon exploration. I’m proud, thrilled, and grateful to have since gotten the support of these inspiring organizations, each of which I revere.

To our Moon and beyond! 🌗🚀

Screenshot shows text from my blog’s About page at https://blog.jatan.space/about; Logos in seen are that of epsilon3.io, takshashila.org.in, openlunar.org, skyserve.ai, and orbitalindex.com

The Day 7 prompt of the Micro.blog Photoblogging Challenge is “whole”. That’s exactly how I devoured this delicious Spring Dosa.

Amazed at these Moon exploration developments from just the past week:

  • ispace Japan’s lander is on track to orbit Luna
  • JAXA recruited 2 future lunar astronauts
  • China unveiled a crewed lander concept
  • ESA to fund lunar communications infra

I cover their details and more on my latest Moon Monday. 🚀🌗

Watching rockets being transported to their launchpads is simply mesmerizing. Views like these paint a powerful mental picture of our species continuing to engineer literally out of this world advances in transportation.

For Day 6 of the Micro.blog Photoblogging Challenge.

Image credit: Roscosmos

A large Russian Proton-M rocket is shown being transported by rail. Humans nearby, only little larger than each of the rocket’s five engines, provide a sense of scale.

In an effort to get more out of my Kindle, and read more deeply at large, I tried an experiment. I made an ebook each of many related Wikipedia pages pertaining to the Indian space program using EpubPress, and sent them to the Kindle. It worked seamlessly, with preserved formatting per text block.

ISRO is preparing to launch 36 more OneWeb Internet satellites this month. Here’s how these are nicely tiled in the dispenser of its rocket, the GSLV Mk III. 🚀

For Day 5 of the Micro.blog Photoblogging Challenge.

Image credit: ISRO

Image shows adjacent vertical stacks of satellites docked on the rocket’s dispenser. The two fairing halves of the white rocket lie to the left and right of the dispenser.

I love this image of Mercury taken by NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft as it zipped past the planet over a decade ago. Just look at those lava-flooded craters and vast, smooth volcanic plains. 😍

For Day 4 of the Micro.blog Photoblogging Challenge.

Image credit: NASA / APL

So happy to welcome SkyServe as the second sponsor of my Indian Space Progress newsletter! 🚀

Both Adithya and Vishesh have long been supporters of my work, and I’m glad to have their company onboard as a sponsor. :)

And here’s the 2nd ISP edition for the space nerd in you.

Image credit: ISRO

The second launch of India’s SSLV rocket, on February 10, 2023 during daytime. The rocket has a bright long plume, some of which is directed via two sideaways trenches besides the launchpad in order to not damage launch infrastructure.

My little office is my place of maximum solitude. It’s where the majority of the words you read from me are written.

The first picture shows how things are inside the cabin, before I covered all the glass in opaque stickers to block all humans.

For Day 3 of the Micro.blog Photoblogging Challenge.

A picture of some typical things inside a typical office cabin. Of course, the most important thing is the laptop, desk, and chair.Picture of the same cabin from the outside showing it covered in opaque stickers.

In the 2nd edition of Indian Space Progress, I discuss how ISRO’s new SSLV rocket can outcompete Rocket Lab’s Electron, upcoming launches, latest details on Chandrayaan 3, progress towards human spaceflight, a new partnership with NASA, and more: blog.jatan.space/p/indian-… 🚀

Our Earth’s lovely magnetic field weathers the Sun’s incessant stream of high-energy particles every single day since over 4 billion years now, thereby protecting life. Little Mars lost that luxury at least 3 billion years ago. More on this in my article on NASA’s MAVEN mission.

Image credit: NASA

This fine Bonbon from a local café which trains and employs homeless people has secured its place as my favorite beverage in the city.

For Day 1 of the Micro.blog Photoblogging Challenge.

I’ve gotten a second sponsor for my Indian Space Progress newsletter! Excited to share about them with the world in the second edition going live tomorrow.

Image credit: ISRO

A stunning image of an ISRO GSLV Mk II rocket just after liftoff during daytime.

Note to Micro.blog users: Sorry if it seems like I’m promoting my work all the time on here. The thing is I’m really near-constantly thinking about space and our Moon. My work is my life! And I’ve also left Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook so there’s no audience gain in mind with my posts here. :)

Happy that my latest Moon Monday arguing for a NASA-ISRO collaboration for Artemis with the Chandrayaan 2 orbiter has topped the r/NASA and r/ISRO subreddits yesterday. 🚀

Screenshots of said post on the respective subreddits

I’ve repurposed my Kindle to absorb more longform articles instead of books, the latter being seldom read now. I especially love how Instapaper automatically sends a daily ebook to my Kindle comprising all the articles I’ve saved since the last such dispatch.

My Kindle on a stand on my work desk. The laptop on there is closed.

U.S. scientists have formally urged NASA to replace the aging LRO so as to support the slew of upcoming robotic and crewed Artemis Moon missions. Their report recognizes the abilities of India’s Chandrayaan 2 orbiter. I argue how a NASA-ISRO collaboration with it is an untapped opportunity. 🌔🛰️

The Micro.blog Challenges feed is now available to Mastodon users: @challenges@micro.blog. Anyone is welcome to participate.

Micro.blog Community Challenges

I’m very interested to see if and how well a Micro.blog diaspora extends beyond our homeland. Preserving culture while extending it is such a fascinating topic.

In any case, I enjoyed my last Photoblogging Challenge on here, and look forward to participating at least briefly in this one.

Dear readers, you can support all of my independent space writings—including Moon Monday, Indian Space Progress, and my articles—for just $7/month or as a yearly lump-sum: jatan.space/support 🚀

Updated my space blog & website’s About page to better introduce and link to all of my work in space & Moon exploration, followed by previews of two of my best articles.

Becoming and being an independent writer hasn’t been easy but I won’t have it any other way. 🚀🌗

In a world of her own. ☺️

Now that Reeder is more than 2 years old and Reeder 6 might be on the horizon, does it make sense to buy the iOS and macOS apps now or wait?

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Wish me success, human friends. 🌗

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