In a historic return since Apollo, NASA aims to land astronauts on our Moon again with Artemis III. What science instruments will they deploy for advancing our understanding of the Solar System? NASA is now soliciting proposals for the same:… 👩🏽‍🚀🌗🚀

Why NASA selecting Blue Moon to compete with SpaceX Lunar Starship for crewed Artemis landings is a big deal:…

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Hi everyone, I’ve decided to stop posting on this microblog. This means I won’t have direct posts on or Mastodon anymore, over and above my active absence on traditional socials. I’ll post only on my space blog and my personal blog Thought Brew going forward.

Why? Here’s what I told a friend on the topic:

I’m just not into shortform. It’s a trap. It gives the illusion of satisfaction and instant gratification of posting something to the whole wide Web when in reality I had more nuance to express if the interface didn’t limit me.

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